I’m not a blogger, and I’m not going to do this regularly, but sometimes things in the writing community come up and I want to lend my voice to it — which is what notquitepetite.com was turning into, but it still was holding on to the past of being a journal-blog of sorts. That’s something I don’t want.

Some writer-fairy-grandmother advice:

  • You don’t have to write every day to be a “real” writer. You’re writing, or thinking about writing? You’re a writer.
  • It doesn’t matter how long your chapters are, or how long your draft is until you’re ready to publish … and even then, not so much. Don’t stress about the little details, just write the story as it needs to be told.
  • Your mental health is important.
  • Writing is hard, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up about it.
  • Sometimes abandoning a project for a new one is a good choice. Sometimes not writing at all for a month and reading instead, is a good choice. Do what feels right to you.

I’m going to add to this list over time. Do you have anything you want to share with other writers?