I actu­al­ly meant to post this last night, but got caught up in a book and for­got. Oh well. I worked on the char­ac­ter I meant to, and since I already had her pret­ty well pinned down, it didn’t take long. So, I took all the notes I’ve been work­ing on for the past week and put them togeth­er on note­cards.

This sys­tem worked well for me for the sec­ond draft, so I’m going with it again. I think the order is set, but I could still find things to add. I like the flex­i­bil­i­ty of note­card out­lines.


Progress had been made! With tan­gi­ble evi­dence!

I think I’ll take a few days to read a cou­ple books, then it’s into world build­ing.

I man­aged to get a lit­tle plan­ning done today for a character’s plot. Some­thing I thought I’d already worked out, but is now much bet­ter.

That’s been the sum of my week. Work on some­thing, make progress! Next day come back, and change what I worked on the day before. I’ve spent sev­er­al hours on this char­ac­ter this week, and I think I’m final­ly hap­py.

So, tomor­row, I’m work­ing on the oth­er char­ac­ter. So far, I think that’s with­in the realm of get­ting this out­line and plan­ning done in the next two weeks.

I still have a lot to do, and I hope that I can fin­ish my char­ac­ter arc tomor­row and not revis­it it over and over again. For out­lin­ing, I still have the villain’s behind the scenes plot line to work through, and the romance between the two main char­ac­ters to fig­ure out how to work out. I’m hop­ing to fin­ish all that next week. Then it’s a lot of set­ting and world build­ing, which will take about a week, I hope.

With the inclu­sion of the romance, and the increase in the ages of the char­ac­ters, I’m now pret­ty sure it’s not a New Adult any­more. In the ear­ly draft, I had one main char­ac­ter, and she was ear­ly twen­ties, and fig­ur­ing out how to live on her own in the cas­tle. I fin­ished that draft and in all the plan­ning and sub­se­quent drafts, she’s got­ten old­er, I added in a male lead, and now the two main char­ac­ters are late twen­ties, ear­ly thir­ties.

I don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly think it’s because I’ve got­ten old­er as I’ve writ­ten it, since I start­ed all this when I was already in my lat­er-ish twen­ties any­way.

It just seems like a lot of peo­ple “around me” write and read YA, and while I do enjoy read­ing Young Adult, or even Mid­dle Grade fic­tion from time to time, it’s just not my writ­ing style. I thought I’d found a good fit with NA, but I don’t think it fits for this sto­ry. I think it’s just a reg­u­lar Fan­ta­sy nov­el — which isn’t bad, I guess, it’s what the sto­ry needs.

With­out a writ­ing group to keep me writ­ing, I wor­ried that my sto­ry will stag­nate … again. At lunch I sat down to fig­ure out what need­ed to be done, by when.

I’m still work­ing on a lot of plan­ning and world build­ing, but I do have a sol­id foun­da­tion in it already so it’s a lot of details and mak­ing sure things fit togeth­er.

The goal to fin­ish this round of world build­ing is Sep­tem­ber 25, 2015.

I picked that date because it’s the one year anniver­sary of hav­ing fin­ished draft 2.

I also picked it because I want to fin­ish draft 3 before I turn 32 (which is Sep­tem­ber 26, 2016) and I’m pret­ty sure I’ll need a year to work on it.

That gives me just over two weeks to pre­pare and then fig­ure out how I’m ever going to fit writing/revising 300 words in every day.