I actually meant to post this last night, but got caught up in a book and forgot. Oh well. I worked on the character I meant to, and since I already had her pretty well pinned down, it didn’t take long. So, I took all the notes I’ve been working on for the past week and put them together on notecards.

This system worked well for me for the second draft, so I’m going with it again. I think the order is set, but I could still find things to add. I like the flexibility of notecard outlines.


Progress had been made! With tangible evidence!

I think I’ll take a few days to read a couple books, then it’s into world building.

I managed to get a little planning done today for a character’s plot. Something I thought I’d already worked out, but is now much better.

That’s been the sum of my week. Work on something, make progress! Next day come back, and change what I worked on the day before. I’ve spent several hours on this character this week, and I think I’m finally happy.

So, tomorrow, I’m working on the other character. So far, I think that’s within the realm of getting this outline and planning done in the next two weeks.

I still have a lot to do, and I hope that I can finish my character arc tomorrow and not revisit it over and over again. For outlining, I still have the villain’s behind the scenes plot line to work through, and the romance between the two main characters to figure out how to work out. I’m hoping to finish all that next week. Then it’s a lot of setting and world building, which will take about a week, I hope.

With the inclusion of the romance, and the increase in the ages of the characters, I’m now pretty sure it’s not a New Adult anymore. In the early draft, I had one main character, and she was early twenties, and figuring out how to live on her own in the castle. I finished that draft and in all the planning and subsequent drafts, she’s gotten older, I added in a male lead, and now the two main characters are late twenties, early thirties.

I don’t necessarily think it’s because I’ve gotten older as I’ve written it, since I started all this when I was already in my later-ish twenties anyway.

It just seems like a lot of people “around me” write and read YA, and while I do enjoy reading Young Adult, or even Middle Grade fiction from time to time, it’s just not my writing style. I thought I’d found a good fit with NA, but I don’t think it fits for this story. I think it’s just a regular Fantasy novel — which isn’t bad, I guess, it’s what the story needs.

Without a writing group to keep me writing, I worried that my story will stagnate … again. At lunch I sat down to figure out what needed to be done, by when.

I’m still working on a lot of planning and world building, but I do have a solid foundation in it already so it’s a lot of details and making sure things fit together.

The goal to finish this round of world building is September 25, 2015.

I picked that date because it’s the one year anniversary of having finished draft 2.

I also picked it because I want to finish draft 3 before I turn 32 (which is September 26, 2016) and I’m pretty sure I’ll need a year to work on it.

That gives me just over two weeks to prepare and then figure out how I’m ever going to fit writing/revising 300 words in every day.