I’ve seen a few posts from a friend lately about bullet journaling. Then as I was tackling the idea of what to do next as far as my KonMari project is concerned, it inevitably left me going through all the things around the house I want to change.

Which is admittedly, a lot. Not just fixing broken things, but updating and basically a full house renovation.

Unfortunately we have nearly $0 to tackle any of that stuff.

But, things kept going round and round in my head, so I got out a notebook and started writing.

bullet house journal

It’s not fancy, it’s not pretty. I’m impressed it’s legible to be honest.

The KonMari checklist is just that, a list of all the categories I found on a few pages on pinterest. Some I won’t use, but I wrote them all anyway (minus the children’s stuff one because … well aside from not having any, I’m not ready to think about when I do). The two pages of brainstorming ideas are a literal block of test. I mentally went through each room in the house and noted down what I remembered off the top of my head that the husband and I had discussed doing (minus his computer room/future nursery for obvious reasons).

We don’t have the money for the big renovations we want to do. But I can clean up the house, and I can maybe get an idea of how much we might actually need to save to do some of the things on our list. I think it’s also part of step 1 of the KonMari method, visualizing what you want the space to look like. Right now, the answer is “anything but this” and has been for the 4 years we’ve lived here.

This is a start to fix that, a modest one, but a start is a start.