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Untitled paranormal shifter romance

Title: Untitled
Series: Mt. Hemingway Shifters #1

Nova is a bear shifter but her prejudiced ex-boyfriend – a warlock – cursed her so she can’t shift anymore. Depressed, she goes to the city to escape her loving and overprotective brothers and the woods she can’t run in anymore. When they see how sick she’s gotten, the eldest Val gets her a job with an old friend in a mountaintop research station.

Daniel works at a mountaintop research station because it pays well and got him away from his jealous older brothers. A gifted painter, they hated his happiness when they were miserable after their parents lost the family fortune. He’s intrigued by the new scientist but as a wolf shifter, he has to be wary of attachments to humans.

When her ex shows up with an army of otherworldly beasts, Nova has to reveal what she really is and why she hid it. It will take their combined strength to bring the crazy warlock down, and hopefully not take some of the pack with him.

He stuffed his phone in his pants pocket and smiled, dimples puckering at his cheeks over the top of his beard. “Even if you said no I was going to drag you out for lunch. I haven’t seen you in months.”
“I was working.”
“Yeah, so what happened there?” He came in and closed the door behind him.
My apartment was small, and with the added presence of a 6’2” broad shouldered man, it was rather cramped. I turned away from him and limped my way to the couch, easing down onto the soft cushions. “Budget cuts.”
“You’ve lost weight.” He stepped further into the apartment, looking around the emptiness of it. Lifting his nose to the air, he scented it. “You’re not doing well.”
“You don’t look so great either, what’s with the beard? You look like a lumberjack.”
He frowned, putting his hands on his hips in a gesture that resembled our mother so much I almost laughed. “I’m trying out a new look.”
“Is that look the ‘can’t afford a haircut’ one?”
He shook his head and let his hands drop. “You stay there, I’ll pack for you.” He strode toward my bedroom. “Except the underwear drawer, you can do that one.”
I laughed, pushing myself to my feet. “Afraid to find out if I wear thongs or not?”
“Yes. I don’t want to know anything about the underwear of my little sister.” I followed him into my bedroom and found him stopped in the middle. “You’ve lived here three years, why is your place still empty?”
“Didn’t feel the need to have stuff.”
He turned around, a deep frown etched into his beard, the dimples long gone. “Nova, are you okay?”
I met his stare, not backing down. “I’m fine Val, don’t worry about me.”
“You were cursed.”
“It happens.” I shrugged.