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The Bookclub

Title: The Bookclub
Series: Bookclub #1
Pages: 340

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I looked down. Red, white, and yellow sparks danced along my hair, my skin, and my hands. “I don’t know how.”
“Thought your magic didn’t work without Ryan?”
“I think I stole it?” I turned to look at the piles on the floor.
He nodded. “Probably why they combusted.”
I looked back up at Hunter. His shoulder was bleeding through his jacket. “It can’t be good.”
“Good enough for me.”
I huffed out a laugh before stepping closer. “I can’t reach your shoulder; you’ll have to sit down.”
He smirked. “Next time I’ll be sure to get bit on the leg so you can see.”
“Shut up and sit.”
Hunter unzipped his jacket and slid it off his shoulder, wincing. The long-sleeved shirt he wore underneath was already soaked with blood and sticking to the wound.
I couldn’t stop the gasp at the sight and looked up to see that he’d gone pale. “Look away,” I said.
He took a deep breath and turned his head. “Damn, that hurts like a mother.”
Gently, I tugged at the shirt, trying to pry it free.
He flinched.
“Sorry.” I leaned closer to inspect the punctures. “It looks like that thing had barbed teeth.” I sniffed. “It smells like anti-freeze.”
“It’s poison.” Sweat was running down the side of Hunter’s face.
“You’re going to have to put up with the sparks then,” I said and ripped at his shirt.
He cried out but bit down on his lip when I grabbed his shoulder with both hands and closed my eyes. Reaching for the place beside my heart where Ryan’s heartbeat waited for me, I grabbed it and begged the magic to push out the poison, to clean up the wounds, mend the muscles, mend the skin, anything. I concentrated on the poison, on trying to pull it out.
Not knowing how my magic worked, I didn’t know where to start, how to direct it, but I felt the electrical energy moving along my chest into my arms, and through my hands. As much as I didn’t want to stay with Peter in the fairie world, I should have tried to bargain for the training he offered.
“So, how about those Red Sox?” Hunter said through gritted teeth.
All I could see when I opened my eyes were glittering dots of reds, oranges, and yellows. “I don’t…” I blinked, trying to clear my vision and was able to see the shallow breaths he was taking, dripping sweat, and the strained smile he was trying to hold in place. “…sports,” I finished.