I’ve always been a writer, even before I was a read­er. I love sto­ries, and my mind craves that sus­pen­sion of real­i­ty where it can just let go and see what takes shape. I can’t stop it, and while it’s hard to rein in the worlds in my head some­times, writ­ing is an out­let that keeps me steady. I write sto­ries because I want to share them, to put some ker­nel of truth on the page and hope that some­one will take com­fort in know­ing they’re not alone.

I spe­cial­ize in sto­ries that fea­ture, love, mag­ic, and the unex­plained. I love get­ting to the core of life and teas­ing out the real truth of it all. Because I work full time and have a bit of a dri­ve to get there, I don’t always have the men­tal ener­gy to get writ­ing fin­ished. My cur­rent project has seen me through the end of col­lege, work­ing two jobs, and switch­ing to the cur­rent one with the com­mute, and isn’t done yet — but it will be, some­day. I also write con­tem­po­rary romance, and para­nor­mal romance until two oth­er names and one day, I’ll fin­ish some­thing.

I’m 33 and mar­ried with two cats. We own an old home that needs a lot of TLC, but nei­ther of us is very “handy” types. I’m a librar­i­an, and in my down­time after work, I read. A lot. He games, amongst oth­er things. We’re both pret­ty geeky. We play dun­geons and drag­ons with friends. I attend yoga week­ly, and that’s about as fit as I get.

Fol­low me for pic­tures of my cats, and maybe a glimpse into actu­al­ly get­ting some writ­ing done.