I’ve been writing stories since I was old enough to write — my first one was on cut-up squares of notebook paper with colored markers, about a boy and a girl who find a witch in a forest. I wrote it in the back of my parents’ van as we drove to visit family (I might have been in first or second grade). And I’ve never stopped.

Now, I’m writing several novels that I’m intending to publish. A big series about the relationship between truth and lies that has taken nearly six years, and might take six more. It’s a fantasy series of epic proportions, though I’d hesitate to call it an Epic Fantasy. I’m also writing a short paranormal romance series (because everything turns into a series, apparently) about fairies, and love, and being accepted. Those are drafted, there are always more ideas floating around.

I’m also a librarian. I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and I’m working toward earning a paralibrarian certification while I wait to have the time and money to pursue grad school for library science.

Yup, that’s a real owl. (It’s not mine, sadly)

For fun, my husband and I enjoy hiking, attempt to kayak, and a couple times a year dress up and go to a Renaissance faire or two.

I read as much as I have time for, but occasionally I’ll try on other hobbies: coloring, painting, crochet. We play games and share food with friends every month or so, and that’s about as social as we want to be.

In an attempt to get in better shape, I attend yoga classes at a local studio — not as often as I’d like to, but at least once a week.

We have two cats who often get in the way while I’m trying to write, but who will usually keep me company while I’m reading.

Because I find it fascinating, I’m an INTJ, heavily, 100%, unquestionably, introverted, but I fluctuate between thinking and feeling. I’m a Raven-puff and I think that fits just as well because of that fluctuation.

I eat too much chocolate, have a weakness for ice cream and hot coco, and after I entered my thirties I stopped apologizing for that. It’s who I am, it makes me happy, and that’s enough approval for me. It’s the same attitude I have with writing. I don’t write every day, or even try to. I used to feel bad about it, but I don’t anymore. I write when I can, and read when I can’t. And that’s okay. I’m still a writer.