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My Books

** = draft is in edits/rewrites, * = par­tial draft


Truth and Lies series

  1. The Traitor’s Heir** — con­stant WIP
    • Aca­cia Mar­siela knows in her skin when any­one lies. She doesn’t think it’s a very use­ful skill, and as a research assis­tant, it real­ly doesn’t help dis­cov­er infor­ma­tion on a long-dead soci­ety. All she wants is to pass her upcom­ing High Clerk test so that she can qual­i­fy for a high enough pay­ing job to get her own apart­ment and be able to live inde­pen­dent­ly for the first time in twen­ty-six years. But, her Men­tor needs her help to res­cue his lost notes from his coun­try of birth, the neigh­bor­ing Zenoba­hara. When she goes, she uncov­ers the truth about her Men­tor and the world he fled, a truth that could get her killed — but truth is her specialty.Shade Heart isn’t the name he was born with, but it’s the one he uses any­way. The son of a mer­chant, a spy for the Amar­lan­ti­ian Roy­al Guard, and some­times a thief on the streets in the River­side neigh­bor­hood of the cap­i­tal city of Cing­win, he’s led many lives. He’s always been just what he need­ed to be in order to get what he wants. Now, at thir­ty-four, what he wants is a wife, and a home with enough land for his dog to play on. But, after get­ting arrest­ed, get­ting tan­gled up with smug­glers, and almost get­ting mar­ried to the wrong woman, he glad­ly accepts being sent across the coun­try to help an old friend for the High Con­sta­ble. There, he finds that things aren’t what he was told they were, and the woman he’s been sent to pro­tect is the one woman who could unrav­el all of his lies.The only way to make it out of Zenoba­hara alive is for them to learn to trust each oth­er, and them­selves, with the truth.
  2. The King’s Advi­sor*
  3. The Unwill­ing Wife*
  4. A Part to Play*
  5. Sequel — 20 years lat­er