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2016 Year end summary

Some­how, I’ve man­aged to read more than fifty books, and write almost 200,000 words.

2016 wasn’t a great year until the end. I didn’t write much until after April. I didn’t read much either, and I don’t care.

I’m not a write every day per­son. I write when I can, I read when I can — mov­ing from one project to anoth­er when I get stalled, or switch­ing to read­ing for a block of time, works for me. Appar­ent­ly the lat­ter half of this year (most of those words hap­pened fair­ly recent­ly, like since this fall) was good for my cre­ative out­put. It wasn’t good for much else.

Things are start­ing to go well, I start­ed a new job so my hours are a bit more sta­ble than they were with two part time jobs — but I’m com­mut­ing more so I don’t actu­al­ly have any more time avail­able to me — it’s about even. That’s one good thing, the new job. My hus­band and I cel­e­brat­ed our ten year wed­ding anniver­sary in April. So that’s two. I made more friends with library peo­ple (three) and I seemed to care less in gen­er­al about … every­thing — which could be good, or could be bad, depend­ing on how you look at it.

I feel less stressed, less wor­ried over all the lit­tle things. I fig­ure after what we went through so far put things into per­spec­tive. It can get a LOT worse, I under­stand that, but it was pret­ty bad and we man­aged okay. Not great, but okay, and we’re on the oth­er side now, sor­ta.

I real­ized some things I was try­ing to do, just won’t fit into my life. I’m not a blog­ger. I’d like to blog about writ­ing, or about fix­ing up the house, but there’s far too much pres­sure and not enough time for any sort of depen­den­cy. I’m not an author­i­ty on any­thing, so I don’t feel like I could ade­quate­ly con­tribute. And I don’t have the time or men­tal ener­gy to fit stress­ing about not blog­ging into my life. So, I won’t. And that’s where I’m at.

My host­ing expires in April. I’m going to keep up the author page, maybe try to spruce it up a lit­tle, but this one won’t be stay­ing after that. It’ll prob­a­bly just redi­rect there. That way I can con­cen­trate on writ­ing, and edit­ing, and read­ing, and the main course of being an author.

I hope every­one has a won­der­ful 2017, or at the very least, that it sucks less than 2016 did.

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